Here we will try to post some common ailments for our PT Cruisers and hopefully a simple solution. If you would like to see something covered, post a question or drop us a line.

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Postby askdrpt » Wed Jun 03, 2015 5:51 pm

First, the PT Cruiser actually have three engine mounts and one transmission mounts. My buddy, John, came down today because he had an occasional squeaky belt when starting his 2005 Turbo Lite PT Cruiser Convertible. So we ran the car up on my ramps, then jacked up the passenger side to remove the wheel and lower engine shield.

This allows us to get to the two accessory belts. One is a serpentine belt that runs from the crank to the power steering, air conditioner, water pump and belt tensioner. The second fan belt runs the Alternator. While we were looking at the belts, which both looked good and seemed to be tight enough, John noticed that the lower motor mount looked to be broken. We had replaced that same mount a couple of years ago?

So we took a closer look and sure enough, it was bad. Then we checked out the upper mount (which was original) and it was ripped as well. Now I told him we had to check the center mount (which I am told can only be changed if you pull the motor) and, sure enough, it was bad as well. Now I jacked up the motor and looked at the mount, then I lowered the motor and looked at the mount and came to the realization that we really did not have the tools and equipment to replace that mount. Nevertheless, we had to replace the upper and lower this is how we did it!


TOOLS NEEDED, Metric Wrenches and Sockets, Pry Bar or long Screwdriver, Jack, Jack Stands, Wheel chock, Torque Wrench and a small piece of wood (to put between the jack and oil pan.)

Let's start with the LOWER MOUNT.

Step 1. Put the car in Park and put a Wheel Chock under the RR wheel. Put the Car up on ramps or Jack Stands.
Step 2. Break the wheel studs loose
Step 3. Jack up the passenger side enough to remove the tire, put a jack stand or blocks under the passenger side frame to support the car so you can remove the jack.
Step 4. Remove the passenger side wheel.
Step 5. Remove the plastic engine lower shield. To get the shield out, you have to remove a few plastic clips and three 10mm bolts in the wheel well. You might also have to remove the engine brace with a 15mm socket to get the shield out.
Step 6. Place the jack with a small piece of wood on it under the engine oil pan and take a little weight off the engine.


Step 7. Remove forward and rear motor mount bolts and remove broken mount.



Step 8. Reverse process to replace mount (NOTE: On some Turbo Motors, the forward mounting bolt is larger than on a NA motor..but the aftermarket mounts are all the same size. you options are to buy the new mount from the dealer or drill out the small hole to the correct size. For us we drilled the hole bigger.


This mount is held in with a total of four bolts. It is located on the passenger side and goes from the strut tower to the front of the motor. It looks like this!



Step 1. Loosen and remove the rear mounting bolt.


Step 2. Loosen the large outboard front bolt, there is not a lot of room to get into this spot. I just break it free at this point.
Step 3. Remove the two 15mm Bolts that hold the inboard Bracket to the Engine Support.
Step 4. Remove the mount with the bracket attached.
Step 5. Remove the large front bolt from bracket.
Step 6. If the old mount had a vibration damper on it, remove the torx bolts and replace it on the new mount.
Step 7. Slide the Front bolt into the new mount
Step 8. Slide the mount in place with the rear in the mounting bracket
Step 9. Replace Rear bolt and just snug it up.
Step 10. Replace Front mounting bracket and two 15mm bolts
Step 11. Tighten Front 18mm bolt into mounting bracket.
Step 12. Tighten Rear mounting bolt.

If you have replaced the lower engine shield already, you can replace your tire, torque the lugs, remove the jack from the engine and jack up the passenger side of the car to remove the jack stand/blocks and back the car off the ramps.

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